Cache – The Revamp – Part 2


Welcome to Part 2! The \\\’After\\\’ images here present the final and current version of the map that is on the Workshop. These comparisons show you the differences that have been made after the revamp went public and FMPONE received feedback on certain changes.


Map Modification

De_Cache Changes


Electrical Box Changes– The lighting surrounding the e-box has been brought to a more realistic level. Also there was a slight change in the placement of the sewer grate.


A Main Changes– There were just a few visual changes in the textures with the more noticeable one being how the concrete floor looked.


T Spawn Truck Reversed– The new truck model in t spawn has been reversed to the previous version. Also there was a piece of sheet metal added between the fence gaps.


A Main Antenna Changes– The antennas located above A main has been moved over.


T Spawn Exterior Changes– An overgrowth look now covers the concrete texture located outside T Spawn.


Asphalt Texture Adjustments– The new asphalt texture has been changed in order match the atmosphere and environment of the map.


Sun Room Changes– The positioning of the poster has been raised along with the support bracket behind it. But the more noticeable change is the appearance of the graphic has been aged and roughed up to match the theme of the map.


Sun Room Background Changes– A few dead bushes in the background have been removed and a few spots had a little bit more grass added.


Fixed Vent Model– The \\\’floating\\\’ vent model now has been attached to the wall.


Forklift Changes– The lighting behind the forklift has been brighten up a bit.


Tree Room Changes– The lighting effect from the sun has been fixed and re-added within the room.


A Long Changes– There have been a few touch ups to the textures here like the brick wall\\\’s texture has been adjusted a bit to have a more realistic appearance with the vine overgrowth.


Squeaky Door Room Changes– Only a few changes took place in this room that includes the placement and width of the vent, darkening the appearance of the concrete floor beams, fixing the UV map on the crates, and adding a bit more dirt and grunge to the walls. Now for the other side of that room – the dirt\\\’s texture has been changed and the shape of the pile a bit.


Heaven Ramp Changes– The door and light above it at the top of the ramp have been reduced in size.


CT Hallway Changes– A few texture updates with the concrete floor being the one that stands out the most.


B Hallway Changes– The similar edits took place on the B hallway concrete floors with a few other adjustments of the models like the brackets for the barrels and some steam pipes.


B Bomb Changes– The newly added wood panel to the weapon crate has been slightly moved over.


Clip Brush Changes– Many clip brushes have been aligned properly now like the barrel below. Also a few new clip brushes were added to the corners and trim around certain objects. This includes a new clip being added to the pipes on the route to Long A, Tree Room\\\’s ceiling, and the rooftop outside garage for the purpose of exploiting the bomb.


Added Grenade Clips– Additional grenade clip brushes were added to the weapon crate on the B bomb site.