CS: GO July 15th Patch – Content Analysis


Back-End Changes


Updated Strings

The store\\\’s string that displayed the tax code for WA has been rewritten in a board format.

  • Location of this modification is represented in csgo_english.txt
 - "Store_WAStateSalesTax"	"Sales tax will be calculated for WA state residents"
 + "Store_WAStateSalesTax"	"Sales tax will be calculated during checkout where applicable"


Updated UI Feature

NOTICE:  The following UI displays do not represent the final appearance. These images shows us, the viewer, a visual difference between the two versions. Also the following displays will feature the default/sample entries that the devs used.

Icon Library UI

  • The UI that contained the library of icons CS:GO uses had an additional of two country flags added. They are the Vietnam and Mongolia.



Extended OS Back End Log Changes


Modified file – bin/engine.dylib
Modified file – csgo/bin/client.dylib (+32 B)


Modified file – bin/engine.so
Modified file – bin/engine_client.so (+288 B)
Modified file – csgo/bin/client_client.so (+480 B)


Modified file – csgo/bin/client.dll (+512 B)
Modified file – bin/engine.dll (+1.00 KB)