CS: GO May 19th Patch – Content Analysis


Front-End Changes Changelog

  • Blood decals on player models will now reliably display for players and spectators in-game.
  • Buy menu calculation of the Accurate Range of weapons will now show same values as obtained with cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy and cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy, gameplay has not changed.
  • Steam controller now properly adjusts when scoped respecting zoom_sensitivity_ratio_joystick value.
  • Major championship trophy animation will now show more rows of etched names when inspected.
  • Accounts that get a global cooldown for GSLT violation will no longer make their party members from previous competitive matches lose match wins earned together.
  • Cache
    • Forklift
    • with
    • roof


Map Modification

De_Cache Changes



New Forklift– A totally new forklift has been added with some slight adjustments to the crates it was holding. There were also some adjustments to the brackets underneath catwalk with some texture re-mapping to the bricks.


A Site Changes– The visibility of players against the fence has been fixed with moving the tin\\\’s placement on the fence. There were some support brackets added to the bomb crates and a slight adjustment to the brick wall appearance on the back side of the site. One more change had a different height with the electrical box.


A Background Optimization– The back alley behind the fence was shorten and moved forward since the player would not even see it. This changed prompt a few other adjustments like moving the powerline within the alley.


T Spawn Changes– The T spawn area featured many smaller adjustments throughout it\\\’s area. The back wall and the sign were re-adjusted to the correct ground level and their surrounding corners. A revamp overgrown vine was added and adjusted to the shipping container. The toxic barrel was replaced with a modified version in a larger format to match player\\\’s size.


CT Truck/Ramp Changes– The beam support columns on the A warehouse building were moved slightly further out.


CT Hallway Changes– The crate was moved so that the model would not be sticking in to the wall, and the sun light through one of the ceiling\\\’s panel was opened up.


Middle Changes– Other than the forklift change the middle section of the map had the most visible adjustments. The wall with the large garage door has been moved out a tiny bit with the length the the garage door being made shorter. The texture for the tarp on mid boost has been re-mapped and appears much lighter now. Also there were adjustments in the positioning of the wood boards and panels.


A Long Changes– There were a few adjustments taking place in Long A that included the placement of the vent, height of the electrical equipment, and a few textures being remapped.


A Main Changes– The gritty grunge appearance look has been adjusted on some surfaces. Also the upper square beams have been slightly pushed forward with the end section being changed to a wood panel/material.


B Site Changes– The B weapon crate model has been modified and the trash pile underneath the generator has been re added.


Adjusted Vent Room Texture– The texture on the back wall was re-mapped a bit.


Fixed Tarp Texture– There was a small visible face on the tarp missing and was invisible.


Various Background Optimizations– There were a numerous of surfaces/faces that were removed from the background since the player would never be in view of them. This change prompted a few adjustments to the positioning of props like trees and crates/bins. A few other minor adjustments were made.


Smoke Stack Lowered– The background smoke stack near CT spawn has been lowered.


Models + Surfaces Optimizations– The poly count has been reduced on certain elements around the map.


Added T Spawn Clip Brush– A clip brush has been added near the concrete wall in T Spawn to prevent player from trapping the bomb or weapons underneath it.


Adjusted/Added A Crate Clip Brush– Two clip brushes changes took place in the A Bombsite. The clip brush on the front side of the shipping container has been pushed out a bit to prevent players from pixel jumping/walking on top of the edge. Also there was a a new clip brush added on top of the wood panel attached to the crate.


Adjusted A Main\\\’s Clip Brush– The clip brush located on the A Main wall/door has been adjusted because the previous version was a bit to long and didn\\\’t match the model\\\’s length.


Added More Clip Brushes– There were a variety of clip brushes added around the map for places where the bomb or weapons would get stuck. This would include on top of the tree, underneath the truck, behind some wood/metal panels, and behind the generator in B.


Decreased B Crate Clip Brush– The previous clip brush for this crate was a bit to large and would cause issues with player\\\’s movement/grenades/bullets.


Added Championship Trophy Inspect Animation

An additional animation for the camera PoV has been added on top of the inspection of championship trophies. After the animation of the first inspect sequence a second one will go in to action zooming in to see the engraved names on the trophy.


Back-End Changes


Version Released


Client Version = 330

Server Version = 330

Patch Version =


Updated Strings

A text string was added for a user’s account cool-down notification when they switch their phone number that is connected to an active Prime account.

  • Location of these additions are represented in the csgo_english.txt
+ "SFUI_Elevated_Status_AccCooldown"	"Your CS:GO account was recently upgraded to Prime status with a different phone number.\\\\n%s1 until you can upgrade your account to Prime status with your new Steam phone number."

The text string that displays when a user gets disconnected from a server for a VAC reason has been expanded. Instead of a more generic answer to the user\\\’s disconnect – now 1 of 3 messages will be displayed located below:

  • Location of these additions are represented in the csgo_english.txt
- "SFUI_DisconnectReason_VAC"	"Either an issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system or you are unable to maintain a stable connection to the VAC system. You cannot play on secure servers.\\\\n\\\\nhttps://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837"
+ "SFUI_DisconnectReason_VAC"	"You cannot play on secure servers for one of the following reasons:\\\\n\\\\n•An issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system.\\\\n•You are unable to maintain a stable connection to the VAC system.\\\\n•You are running software that is modifying the game or is incompatible with VAC.\\\\n\\\\nFor more information visit:\\\\nhttps://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837"


Con Var Additions

The following con vars have been added to the CS:GO server code. ~

Server ~
+ beta
+ t CChicken::CanJump() const
+ t CChicken::Jump(float)


Language String Updates

Brazilian Translations

- "SFUI_Overwatch_Faq_Link" "Perguntas frequentes sobre a Fiscalização"
- "SFUI_Elevated_Status_Error" "Não foi possível recuperar o seu estado. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde."
- "Pet_Killed" "A sua galinha foi morta."

+ "SFUI_Overwatch_Faq_Link" "Saiba mais"
+ "PaintKit_aq_deserteagle_kumichodragon" "Esta arma foi decorada a laser com gravuras de dragões na empunhadura e no ferrolho.\\\\n\\\\nEu sou um grande fã do seu trabalho, Yukako. Temos que conversar... — Huxley, a concorrência"
+ "PaintKit_cu_fiveseven_augmented" "Esta arma foi pintada no ferrolho e decorada com um padrão hidrográfico DDPAT azul-claro.\\\\n\\\\nEu não lucro com guerras, mas sim com a condição humana... — Booth, traficante de armas"
+ "PaintKit_gs_mag7_praetorian" "Esta arma foi pintada com tintas metálicas.\\\\n\\\\nO ápice está se formando"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ssg08_necropos" "Esta arma recebeu gravuras de runas terríveis pintadas à mão.\\\\n\\\\nTodo carpinteiro precisa do seu martelo; todo alfaiate, a sua agulha..."
+ "PaintKit_gs_tec9_jambiya" "Esta arma foi decorada com padrões do Oriente Médio feitos à mão e também com gravuras a laser.\\\\n\\\\nShahrazad contou mil contos... essa será a última que você ouvirá"
+ "PaintKit_gs_usp_voltage" "O silenciador e o ferrolho desta arma foram decorados com gravuras personalizadas.\\\\n\\\\nVocê conseguiu o que queria... sabe o que isso significa? — Booth, traficante de armas"
+ "CSGO_Wearable_t_freefighter_Desc" "Um grupo misterioso com razões desconhecidas e potencialmente violentas. Afirmam claramente que lutam pela liberdade, no entanto, estes combatentes estão armados até os dentes."
+ "SFUI_Elevated_Status_Error" "Não foi possível recuperar informações. Por favor, tente novamente mais tarde."
+ "Pet_Killed" "A sua galinha foi morta. Ela ficou ao seu lado por %s1 segundos."

Bulgarian Translations

- "Pet_Killed" " Пилето Ви беше убито."
+ "Trophy" "Трофейна"
+ "SFUI_Stirke_Mission_Schedule" "График на „Блиц“ мисиите"
+ "CSGO_Journal_Campaign_Desc_1" "В определен райони на света са се случвали размирици. Но тези конфликти са нови. Играйте и разучете тези нови карти от кампании."
+ "SFUI_Lobby__Mission_locked" "Не сте отключили тази мисия. Ще сте неспособни да спечелите наградата ѝ."
+ "SFUI_Lobby__Mission_accessible" "Тази мисия не е активната Ви такава. Ще сте неспособни да спечелите наградата ѝ."
+ "CSGO_Journal_Comic_Instructions" "Кликнете на изображението, за да продължите"
+ "CSGO_Tournament_Final_Date_9" "3 април"
+ "CSGO_PickEm_Market_Warning_9" "Необходим Ви е стикерът на този отбор от Columbus 2016, за да извършите избора.\\\\nМожете да закупите стикер от обществения пазар на Steam."
+ "CSGO_Fantasy_Team_Dropdown" "Статистики от %s1"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Title_9_0" "Пробно излъчване — На живо от Valve"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Subtitle9_9_0" "Това е изпитание на системите, които ще излъчват CS:GO турнири"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Title_9_1" "Пробно излъчване — На живо от Valve"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Subtitle_9_1" "Това е изпитание на системите, които ще излъчват CS:GO турнири"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Title_9_2" "Columbus 2016 — На живо от Кълъмбъс"
+ "SFUI_MajorEventVenue_Subtitle_9_2" "Наблюдавайте как най-добрите отбори в света се съревновават на шампионата MLG Columbus"
+ "SFUI_Country_KZ" "Казахстан"
+ "SFUIHUD_Spec_Event_DroppingItemsRound" "ПАДАТ СЕ ПРЕДМЕТИ"
+ "SFUIHUD_Spec_Event_DroppingItemsRewarded" "%s1 наградени зрители!"
+ "SFUI_Settings_Chat_EnableGotv" "GOTV чат"
+ "StickerKit_desc_allstars_a_holo" "All-Stars Orange(Holo)"
+ "StickerKit_desc_allstars_b_holo" "All-Stars Blue(Holo)"
+ "SFUI_Graph_type_utilitydamage" "Общо нанесени щети от околната среда"
+ "SFUI_Graph_type_enemiesflashed" "Общо заслепени врагове"
+ "quest_default_hud_0_items_desc" "%commandverb% %target% %actions%"
+ "quest_default_hud_1_items_desc" "%commandverb% %target% %actions%: %item_quality% %item1%"
+ "quest_default_hud_2_items_desc" "%commandverb% %target% %actions%: %item_quality% %item1%/%item2%"
+ "quest_default_hud_3_items_desc" "%commandverb% %target% %actions%: %item_quality% %item1%/%item2%/%item3%"
+ "quest_default_hud_4_items_desc" "%commandverb% %target% %actions%: %item_quality% %item1%/%item2%/%item3%/%item4"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Пилето Ви беше убито. То беше Ваше за %s1 секунди."

Czech Translations

- "SFUI_Scoreboard_Coop_Within3Rounds" "Dokončeno během 3 kol"
+ "SFUI_Scoreboard_Coop_Within3Rounds" "Dokončeno za méně než 3 pokusy"
+ "Pet_Killed" "Tvoje slepice byla zabita. Byla tvojí kamarádkou celkem %s1 sekund."
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12_desc" "Tento klíč lze použít pouze k otevření bedny Chroma 3 Case"
+ "PaintKit_cu_aug_swallows" "Na zbraň byl hydrografikou nanesen vzor s ptáky prolétajícími oblaky.\\\\n\\\\nJe to pták! Je to letad... jo, počkat, je to pták"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse" "Na zbraň byl nakreslen obrázek s motivy ze starověkého Egypta.\\\\n\\\\nTen, který jest nad horami mrtvých"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor" "Na zbraň byly naneseny barvy s odstíny červené a bílé.\\\\n\\\\nKousek, se kterým se budete chtít chlubit. Hlavně nepřátelům"
+ "PaintKit_gs_dualberettas_ventilators" "Tyto pistole byly nabarveny elegantními chromovými barvami.\\\\n\\\\nUmělci dokáží poznat práci jiných umělců. I když jsou jejich obory velmi vzdálené"
+ "PaintKit_sp_g3sg1_militiaorange" "Výrazného vzhledu této zbraně bylo dosaženo pomocí šablon a oranžového spreje.\\\\n\\\\nŠerchán mezi zbraněmi"
+ "PaintKit_gs_galilar_incenerator" "Zbraň byla částečně přebarvena barvami s odstíny karmínu a ručně na ni byla nakreslena ikona.\\\\n\\\\nDříve dar pro Fénixe, nyní další část do tvé sbírky"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre" "Zbraň byla pobarvena elegantním moderním motivem.\\\\n\\\\nMaskovací vzor „Lovec ledních medvědů Extreme Edition“"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_soultaker" "Zbraň byla pobarvena zářivými barvami a doplněna usmívajícím se obličejem na pažbě.\\\\n\\\\nOchraňuj, co je tvé"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak" "Různě propletené linie zářivějších odstínů zelené vytvářejí na zbrani obrazec připomínající rozlité chemikálie.\\\\n\\\\nZA ŽÁDNOU CENU NESAHAT"
+ "PaintKit_cu_p250_asiimov" "Zbraň byla pomalována sci-fi motivem.\\\\n\\\\nVytvářej budoucnost, kulku po kulce"
+ "PaintKit_gs_sawedoff_fubar" "Tato opotřebená brokovnice má do hlavně vyrytá zátržítka.\\\\n\\\\nDalší zabití odškrtnuté ze seznamu"
+ "PaintKit_cu_sg553_atlas" "Na zbraň byl hydrografikou nanesen moderní maskovací vzor.\\\\n\\\\nS trochou umu udržíte díky této zbrani na svých ramenou celý tým"
+ "PaintKit_gs_ssg08_armacore" "Zbraň byla nabarvena bílými a následně arkticky modrými barvami.\\\\n\\\\nChlad mrtvých těl z ní přímo sálá"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ump45_primalsaber" "Na zbraň byla nalepena samolepka s lebkou šavlozubého tygra.\\\\n\\\\nI predátora jednou čeká konec"
+ "PaintKit_cu_xm1014_spectrum" "Zbraň byla nabarvena černou a bílou chromovou barvou.\\\\n\\\\nKdyž nevíte, co si vzít ke smokingu"
+ "SFUI_Store_Hint_crate_community_12" "Tato bedna obsahuje 17 komunitou vytvořených vzhledů zbraní z kolekce Chroma 3"

Danish Translations

- "CSGO_Scoreboard_CastButton_Camera" "Vært-kamerakontrol"
- "Pet_Killed" " Din høne er blevet dræbt."

+ "CSGO_Scoreboard_CastButton_Camera" "Kommentator-kamerastyring"
+ "quest_action_singular_headshot_kill" "hovedskudsdrab"
+ "quest_action_plural_headshot_kill" "hovedskudsdrab"
+ "quest_action_plural_rescue_or_kill_hostages" "gidselsundsætninger eller undsættere dræbt"
+ "quest_action_singular_rescue_or_kill_hostages" "gidselsundsætning eller undsætterdrab"
+ "quest_action_plural_damage_burn" "brændskade"
+ "quest_action_singular_damage_burn" "point brændskade"
+ "SFUI_Healthshot_AlreadyAtMax" "Du er allerede ved maks. helbred"
+ "SFUI_Summon_For_Guardian" "Inviter til Guardian-samarbejdsmission"
+ "SFUI_Summon_For_Assult" "Inviter til Strike Co-op-mission"
+ "SFUI_Confirm_ActivateRequiredItem_season7_Require" "Du har et Operation Wildfire-adgangspas, som du endnu ikke har aktiveret.\\\\nVil du gerne aktivere dit pas nu?"
+ "SFUI_Confirm_ActivateRequiredItem_season7_Suggest" "Du har et Operation Wildfire-adgangspas, som du endnu ikke har aktiveret.\\\\nVil du gerne aktivere dit pas nu?"
+ "SFUI_Confirm_ActivateRequiredItem_season7_SuggestTime" "Du har et Operation Wildfire-adgangspas, som du endnu ikke har aktiveret.\\\\nVil du gerne aktivere dit pas nu?"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Din høne er blevet dræbt. Hun var din i %s1 sekunder."

Dutch Translations

- ""Pet_Killed" " Je kip is gedood."
+ "op07_quest_name_707" "Rust en recreatie"
+ "op07_quest_name_729" "YOINK!"
+ "op07_quest_name_803" "Laatste examen"
+ "cp8_comicsection_title_3" "Nasleep"
+ "Pet_Killed" "Je kip is gedood. Ze was %s1 seconde(n) van jou."

Dutch Translations

- ""Pet_Killed" " Je kip is gedood."
+ "Quest_Win_Rounds_Map_Short" "erävoittoa"
+ "SFUI_Graph_type_enemiesflashed" "Vihollista sokaistu"
+ "CSGO_crate_community_12" "Kirjo 3 -aselaatikko"
+ "CSGO_set_community_12" "Kirjo 3 -kokoelma"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse" "Maalattu egyptiläisen tyylin mukaan.\\\\n\\\\nSen liipasin on höyhentäkin kevyempi"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse_Tag" "Anubiksen armahdus"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor_Tag" "Punahaukka"
+ "PaintKit_gs_galilar_incenerator_Tag" "Tulitaistelu"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre_Tag" "Aave"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak_Tag" "Biovuoto"
+ "PaintKit_hy_p2000_oceani_Tag" "Valtameri"
+ "PaintKit_cu_p250_asiimov_Tag" "Asiimov"
+ "PaintKit_cu_sg553_atlas_Tag" "Atlas"
+ "PaintKit_gs_ssg08_armacore_Tag" "Haamuritari"

French Translations

- "Pet_Killed" " Votre poulet a été tué."
+ "Pet_Killed" "Votre poulet a été tué. Il vous a accompagné durant %s1 secondes."

German Translations

- "Pet_Killed" " Votre poulet a été tué."
+ "CSGO_Journal_Badge_Status_Title_6" "Status der Operation Wildfire"
+ "SFUI_Scoreboard_Coop_DmgToEnemyRatio" "Anteil am ausgeteilten Schaden"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Ihr Hühnchen wurde getötet. Es gehörte Ihnen %s1 Sekunden."
+ "SFUI_Store_Hint_crate_community_12" "Diese Kiste enthält 17 von der Community erstellte Waffenlackierungen aus der Kollektion \\\\"Chroma 3\\\\""

Greek Translations

- "GameUI_DownloadFilter_Title" "Όταν ο υπολογιστής σας επιχειρεί να λάβει\\\\nπροσαρμοσμένο περιεχόμενο από ένα διακομιστή παιχνιδιού"
- "Pet_Killed" " Το κοτόπουλό σας σκοτώθηκε."

+ "GameUI_DownloadFilter_Title" "Όταν ο υπολογιστής σας επιχειρεί να λάβει\\\\nπροσαρμοσμένο περιεχόμενο από έναν διακομιστή παιχνιδιού"
+ "op07_subtitle_718" "Felix Riley: Με εξαίρεση εμάς να ελέγχουμε τα όπλα, αυτό είναι όσο πιο κοντά στην πραγματικότητα γίνεται."
+ "Pet_Killed" " Το κοτόπουλό σας σκοτώθηκε. Ήταν δικό σας για %s1 δευτερόλεπτα."

Hungarian Translations

- "Pet_Killed" " Megölték a csirkédet."
+ "Pet_Killed" " Megölték a csirkédet. %s1 másodpercig volt a tiéd."

Korean Translations

- "SFUI_Settings_PowerSavings_Info" "절전 모드를 사용하면 낮은 초당 프레임 비율로 작동하므로 배터리 소모를 줄일 수 있습니다."
- "SFUI_Map_Tooltip_Desc_Active" "이 맵은 현역 그룹에 속합니다 (현재 진행되는 대회의 맵입니다). \\\\n\\\\n이 맵에서 플레이한 경기의 전적을 기록하려면 현재 진행되는 작전의 참가권을 활성화해야 합니다."

+ "SFUI_Settings_PowerSavings_Info" "절전 모드를 사용하면 낮은 초당 프레임 속도로 작동하므로 배터리 소모를 줄일 수 있습니다."
+ "SFUI_Map_Tooltip_Desc_Active" "이 맵은 현역 모음에 속합니다 (현재 진행되는 대회의 맵입니다). \\\\n\\\\n이 맵에서 플레이한 경기의 전적을 기록하려면 현재 진행되는 작전의 참가권을 활성화해야 합니다."

Polish Translations

- "PaintKit_cu_m4_asimov" "Broń została ozdobiona na zamówienie wzorem sci-fi.\\\\n\\\\nPrzyszłość przewidywać może każdy... wizjoner ją kształtuje"
- "PaintKit_cu_ssg08_necropos" "Broń została ręcznie pomalowana w nikczemne runy.\\\\n\\\\nKażdy stolarz potrzebuje młotka, każdy krawiec wrzeciona..."
- "Pet_Killed" "Twój kurczak zginął."

+ "PaintKit_cu_m4_asimov" "Broń została ozdobiona na zamówienie wzorem o tematyce sci-fi.\\\\n\\\\nPrzyszłość przewidywać może każdy... wizjoner ją kształtuje"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ssg08_necropos" "Broń została pokryta ręcznie malowanym wzorem w postaci nikczemnych run.\\\\n\\\\nKażdy stolarz potrzebuje młotka, każdy krawiec wrzeciona..."
+ "PaintKit_gs_tec9_jambiya" "Broń została pokryta ręcznie malowanym wzorem, a następnie został na niej wygrawerowany bliskowschodni wzór.\\\\n\\\\nSzeherezada opowiedziała tysiąc baśni... ta będzie ostatnia, jaką usłyszysz"
+ "SFUI_Graph_type_utilitydamage" "Suma obrażeń z innych źródeł"
+ "Pet_Killed" "Twój kurczak zginął. Był twój na %s1 s."
+ "CSGO_crate_community_12" "Skrzynia Chroma 3"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12" "Klucz do skrzyni Chroma 3"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12_desc" "Ten klucz otwiera tylko skrzynie Chroma 3"
+ "CSGO_set_community_12" "Kolekcja Chroma 3"
+ "PaintKit_cu_aug_swallows" "Broń została pokryta hydrografiką w postaci ptaków szybujących w przestworzach.\\\\n\\\\nNiektóre z ptaków reprezentują pokój i harmonię... to nie ten gatunek"
+ "PaintKit_cu_aug_swallows_Tag" "Klucz ptaków"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse" "Broń została ozdobiona na zamówienie motywem egipskim.\\\\n\\\\nJej spust jest lżejszy niż piórko"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse_Tag" "Osąd Anubisa"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor" "Broń została pokryta ręcznie malowanym wzorem w postaci czerwonych i białych akcentów.\\\\n\\\\nBooth stał się synonimem rodzinnego dramatu - a kto ma czas na dramaty, kiedy rozmawiamy o interesach"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor_Tag" "Czerwony astor"
+ "PaintKit_gs_dualberettas_ventilators" "Te pistolety zostały pokryte ozdobnym chromem.\\\\n\\\\nBroń od artystów, dla artystów"
+ "PaintKit_gs_dualberettas_ventilators_Tag" "Wywietrzniki"
+ "PaintKit_sp_g3sg1_militiaorange" "Szablony i pomarańczowa farba w sprayu nadały temu karabinowi jego charakterystyczny wygląd.\\\\n\\\\nStań się współczesnym Shere Khanem"
+ "PaintKit_sp_g3sg1_militiaorange_Tag" "Pomarańczowa kraksa"
+ "PaintKit_gs_galilar_incenerator" "Broń została przyozdobiona szkarłatnymi akcentami i ręcznie malowanym symbolem.\\\\n\\\\nBooth zlecił wykonanie tej broni dla Valerii, aby załagodzić spór z Phoenix"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre" "Broń została pomalowana z zastosowaniem smukłego, współczesnego wzornictwa.\\\\n\\\\nWewnętrzny konflikt w strukturach Phoenix rozpocznie się lada moment"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre_Tag" "Widmo"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_soultaker" "Broń została ręcznie pomalowana barwnymi kolorami, podkreślonymi przez uśmiechniętą twarz na kolbie.\\\\n\\\\nChroń, co należy do ciebie"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_soultaker_Tag" "Płomień Chantico"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak" "Różne odcienie zieleni tworzą iluzję chemicznego wycieku.\\\\n\\\\nUNIKAJ BEZPOŚREDNIEGO KONTAKTU"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak_Tag" "Wyciek biologiczny"
+ "PaintKit_hy_p2000_oceani" "Broń została pomalowana warstwą czarnej farby, a następnie ozdobiona niebieskimi wzorami.\\\\n\\\\nCzy ktokolwiek słyszał jakieś wieści od Kotaro lub Carmen? - Felix Riley, oficer dowodzący"
+ "PaintKit_hy_p2000_oceani_Tag" "Oceaniczny"
+ "PaintKit_cu_p250_asiimov" "Broń została ozdobiona na zamówienie wzorem o tematyce sci-fi.\\\\n\\\\nJeżeli myślisz, że potrzebuję karabinu, aby zabić człowieka, to nie masz zielonego pojęcia, z kim właśnie rozmawiasz... - Mikha Biton, snajper Phoenix"
+ "PaintKit_cu_p250_asiimov_Tag" "Asiimov"
+ "PaintKit_gs_sawedoff_fubar" "Na lufie tej wysłużonej strzelby wyryto liczbę ofiar.\\\\n\\\\nZaczyna się od huku... kończy się ciszą"
+ "PaintKit_gs_sawedoff_fubar_Tag" "Fubar"
+ "PaintKit_cu_sg553_atlas" "Broń została pokryta nowoczesną hydrografiką o wzorze kamuflującym.\\\\n\\\\nTen projekt był niegdyś przeznaczony dla Sił Specjalnych Koalicji, ale Huxley wkręcił się w szpiegostwo przemysłowe, aby zdobyć ją dla Phoenix na wyłączność"
+ "PaintKit_cu_sg553_atlas_Tag" "Atlas"
+ "PaintKit_gs_ssg08_armacore" "Broń została pomalowana na biało i ozdobiona arktycznymi niebieskimi akcentami.\\\\n\\\\nNigdy nie będę mógł zastąpić tego, co zostało nam odebrane... ale jestem w stanie odebrać im jeszcze więcej - Phoenix i nowicjusz, część II"
+ "PaintKit_gs_ssg08_armacore_Tag" "Eteryczny krzyżowiec"
+ "PaintKit_am_tec9_redblast" "Lufa została pokryta naklejką w postaci płomienia.\\\\n\\\\nNienawidzę ciągle mieć rację - Carmen Cocinero, specjalistka od uwalniania zakładników"
+ "PaintKit_am_tec9_redblast_Tag" "Zapłon"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ump45_primalsaber" "Broń posiada naklejkę z wizerunkiem czaszki tygrysa szablozebnęgo.\\\\n\\\\nKażdy drapieżnik w końcu ginie"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ump45_primalsaber_Tag" "Szablozębny"
+ "PaintKit_cu_xm1014_spectrum" "Połączenie białej i czarnej farby chromowej sprawia, że strzelba ta najlepiej nadaje się na uroczyste okazje.\\\\n\\\\nDorwaliśmy Izakiego i Cocinero. Potrzebujecie ich do czegoś, czy możemy ich już zabić? - Najemnik i wąż, część I"
+ "PaintKit_cu_xm1014_spectrum_Tag" "Strój galowy"
+ "SFUI_Store_Hint_crate_community_12" "Ta skrzynia zawiera 17 wykonanych przez społeczność wykończeń broni należących do Kolekcji Chroma 3"

Portuguese Translations

- "Pet_Killed" " A tua galinha foi morta."
+ "Pet_Killed" "A tua galinha foi morta. Foi tua durante %s1 segundos."

Romanian Translations

+ "CSGO_Tournament_Day_5" "Ultima zi"
+ "CSGO_Tournament_Day_6" "Ultima zi"
+ "SFUIHUD_Spec_Event_DroppingItemsRewarded" "%s1 spectatori recompensați!"
+ "SFUI_Settings_Chat_EnableGotv" "Chat GOTV"
+ "CSGO_crate_community_12" "Cutie Chroma 3"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12" "Cheie Cutie Chroma 3"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12_desc" "Această cheie deschide numai cutii Chroma 3"

Standard Chinese Translations

- "CSGO_PickEm_Trophy_Status" "离达到%s2还差 %s1 点积分"
+ "CSGO_PickEm_Trophy_Status" "还差 %s1 点积分即可达到%s2"

Spanish Translations

+ "PaintKit_gs_galilar_incenerator_Tag" "Tiroteo"

Swedish Translations

+ "Vending" "Varuautomat"
+ "op07_quest_name_817" "Ta en egen dag"
+ "SFUI_Map_coop_cementplant" "Phoenix läger"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Din kyckling har dödats. Hon var din i %s1 sekunder."
+ "CSGO_crate_community_12" "Chroma 3-låda"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12" "Chroma 3-nyckel"
+ "CSGO_crate_key_community_12_desc" "Denna nyckel kan endast öppna Chroma 3-lådor"
+ "CSGO_set_community_12" "Chroma 3-kollektionen"
+ "PaintKit_cu_aug_swallows" "Den har fått hydrografik av fåglar flygandes genom moln.\\\\n\\\\nVissa fåglar representerar harmoni och fred... det här är inte de fåglarna"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse" "Den har målats med ett egyptiskt tema.\\\\n\\\\nDess avtryckare väger mindre än en fjäder"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor" "Den har handmålats med röda och vita accenter.\\\\n\\\\nBooth har blivit synonymt med familjedrama; och vem har tid för drama när vi pratar affärer"
+ "PaintKit_gs_dualberettas_ventilators" "Dessa pistoler har målats elegant i krom.\\\\n\\\\nEtt vapen för konstnärer, av konstnärer"
+ "PaintKit_sp_g3sg1_militiaorange" "Stenciler och orange sprayfärg gav detta gevär dess utmärkande drag.\\\\n\\\\nBli den moderna dagens Shere Khan"
+ "PaintKit_gs_galilar_incenerator" "Den har givits mörkröda accenter och en handmålad ikon.\\\\n\\\\nBooth specialbeställde detta vapen till Valeria i ett försök att rätta till saker med Phoenix"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre" "Den har målats på ett elegant och modernt sätt.\\\\n\\\\nEtt inbördeskrig inom Phoenix är på väg att bryta ut"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_soultaker" "Den har handmålats med livfulla färger och betonats med en glad gubbe på dess kolv.\\\\n\\\\nSkydda det som är ditt"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak" "Olika nyanser av grönt skapar illusionen av kemiskt avfall.\\\\n\\\\nGER ALLVARLIGA SKADOR VID DIREKT EXPONERING"
+ "PaintKit_hy_p2000_oceani" "Den har givits en svart grundlackering och sedan betonats med en blå design.\\\\n\\\\nHar någon hört något från Kotaro eller Carmen? - Felix Riley, kommendant"
+ "PaintKit_cu_p250_asiimov" "Den har blivit egenmålad med sci-fi-design.\\\\n\\\\nOm du tror att jag behöver ett gevär för att döda en man, då har du ingen idé om vem du pratar med... - Mikha Biton, Phoenix-krypskytt"
+ "PaintKit_gs_sawedoff_fubar" "Detta beresta hagelgevär har markeringar inristade i pipan.\\\\n\\\\nDet börjar med en smäll... och slutar med tystnad"
+ "PaintKit_cu_sg553_atlas" "Den har givits hydrografik av modern kamouflage.\\\\n\\\\nDesignen var en gång reserverad för koalitionsstyrkan, men Huxley ägnade sig åt företagsspioneri och fick den att bli exklusiv för Phoenix"
+ "PaintKit_gs_ssg08_armacore" "Den har målats i vitt och fått arktiskt blåa accenter.\\\\n\\\\nJag kan aldrig ersätta det som togs från oss... men jag kan ta ännu mer från dem - The Phoenix and The Initiate, del 2"
+ "PaintKit_am_tec9_redblast" "Pipan har fått en dekal med flammor.\\\\n\\\\nJag hatar att ha rätt hela tiden - Carmen Cocinero, extraktionsexpert"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ump45_primalsaber" "Den har fått en dekal med en skalle från en sabeltandad tiger.\\\\n\\\\nVarje predator möter till slut sitt öde"
+ "PaintKit_cu_xm1014_spectrum" "En uppenbarelse i svart och vitt krom. Detta hagelgevär används bäst vid formella tillfällen.\\\\n\\\\nVi har Izaki och Cocinero. Behöver du dem för något eller kan jag döda dem nu? - The Mercenary and The Serpent, del 1"

Thai Translations

- "SFUI_CreateMultiplayerTitle" "ค้นหาคู่ต่อสู้"
- "SFUI_Settings_Enabled_Double" "Double Buffered"
- "SFUI_Settings_Apply" "ใช้งาน"
- "SFUI_Settings_WaitForVSync_Info" "Triple Buffering แนะนำสำหรับประสบการณ์เล่นที่ลื่นไหลมากที่สุด การปิดการใช้งานอาจทำให้เห็นการฉีกขาดของภาพ"
- "GameUI_KeyNames_L_SHOULDER" "left bumper"
- "SFUI_Notice_Match_Will_Resume" " การหยุดเวลาได้ถูกยกเลิก"
- "Button_Weapon_Finish" "การเคลือบผิวอาวุธ"
- "SFUI_vote_start_timeout" "ต้องการประกาศหมดเวลา?"
- "SFUI_Notice_Alert_Timeout" "%s2 หมดเวลา %s1"

+ "SFUI_CreateMultiplayerTitle" "ค้นหาแมตช์"
+ "SFUI_Settings_Enabled_Double" "ดับเบิลบัฟเฟอร์"
+ "SFUI_Settings_Apply" "นำไปใช้"
+ "SFUI_Settings_WaitForVSync_Info" "แนะนำทริปเปิลบัฟเฟอร์สำหรับประสบการณ์การเล่นแบบลื่นไหลที่สุด การปิดการใช้งานอาจเป็นสาเหตุของภาพที่ฉีกขาด"
+ "GameUI_KeyNames_L_SHOULDER" "บัมเปอร์ซ้าย"
+ "SFUI_Notice_Match_Will_Resume" " การหยุดในช่วงเวลาก่อนเริ่มเกมได้ถูกยกเลิกแล้ว"
+ "Button_Weapon_Finish" "อาวุธมีลาย"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_enfu_capsule" "แคปซูลสติกเกอร์ Enfu"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_enfu_capsule_desc" "แคปซูลนี้บรรจุสติกเกอร์มากมายของศิลปินชุมชน ENFU"
+ "SFUI_Vote_StartTimeout" "เริ่มการขอเวลานอก..."
+ "SFUI_vote_failed_timeouts_exhausted" "ทีมของคุณไม่เหลือการขอเวลานอกแล้ว"
+ "SFUI_vote_failed_timeout_active" "การขอเวลานอกกำลังดำเนินการอยู่แล้ว"
+ "SFUI_otherteam_vote_timeout" "ทีมอื่นกำลังโหวตการขอเวลานอก\\\\n"
+ "SFUI_vote_start_timeout" "ต้องการขอเวลานอก?"
+ "SFUI_vote_passed_timeout" "การโหวตขอเวลานอกได้ผ่านแล้ว กำลังจะเริ่มในช่วงเวลาก่อนเริ่มเกมรอบถัดไป"
+ "SFUI_Notice_Alert_Timeout" "%s2 ขอเวลานอก %s1"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_pinups_capsule" "แคปซูลสาวเปรี้ยว"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_pinups_capsule_desc" "แคปซูลนี้บรรจุสติกเกอร์มากมายของศิลปินชุมชน ninjasia"
+ "crate_community_11_unusual_lootlist" "หรือมีดโบวีที่หายากเอาเรื่อง!"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_columbus2016_legends_tag" "ทีมตำนาน MLG Columbus 2016"
+ "CSGO_crate_sticker_pack_columbus2016_legends" "ทีมตำนาน MLG Columbus 2016 (โฮโล/ฟอยล์)"
+ "SFUI_Vote_StartTimeoutTournament" "เริ่มการขอเวลานอกทางกลยุทธ์ในช่วงเวลาก่อนเริ่มเกม?"

Turkish Translations

+ "PaintKit_cu_aug_swallows" "Bulutlar arasından uçan kuşlar hidrografisi verilmiştir.\\\\n\\\\nBazı kuşlar uyum ve barışı simgeler... bu kuşlar onlardan değiller"
+ "PaintKit_cu_bizon_Curse" "Bir Antik Mısır temasıyla özel olarak boyanmıştır.\\\\n\\\\nTetiği bir tüyden daha hafiftir"
+ "PaintKit_gs_cz75a_redastor" "Kırmızı ve beyaza elle boyandı.\\\\n\\\\nİş konuşurken dram için zamanı olan Booth; aile dramıyla eş anlamlı hale geldi"
+ "PaintKit_sp_g3sg1_militiaorange" "Şablonlar ve turuncu sprey boya bu tüfeğe imza görüntüsünü veriyor.\\\\n\\\\nModern Shere Khan olun"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m249_spectre" "Şık ve modern bir tarzda boyanmıştır.\\\\n\\\\nAnka iç savaşı başlamak üzere"
+ "PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_soultaker" "Canlı renkler ile boyanmıştır ve gövdesine bir gülen yüz vurgulanmıştır.\\\\n\\\\nSenin olanı koru"
+ "PaintKit_am_mp9_bioleak" "Yeşilin çeşitli tonları ile kinyasal sızıntı ilizyonu verilmiştir.\\\\n\\\\nDOĞRUDAN MARUZ KALMAMAYA ÖZEN GÖSTERİN"
+ "PaintKit_gs_sawedoff_fubar" "Bu uzun süredir ortalıkta dolaşan pompalı tüfeğin namlusunda tik işaretleri kazınmıştır.\\\\n\\\\nBir patlama ile başlar... sessizlik ile sona erer"
+ "PaintKit_am_tec9_redblast" "Namlusuna ateş çıkartması verilmiştir.\\\\n\\\\nHer zaman doğru olmaktan nefret ediyorum - hate being right all the time - Carmen Cocinero, Rehine Uzmanı"
+ "PaintKit_cu_ump45_primalsaber" "Kılıç dişli bir kaplan kafatası çıkartması verilmiştir.\\\\n\\\\nHer avcı eninde sonunda sonu ile tanışır"

Ukrainian Translations

- "SFUI_WPNHUD_AK47" "Автомат Калашникова"
+ "Workshop_Preview_X_Offset" "Зміщення OX"
+ "Workshop_Preview_Y_Offset" "Зміщення OY"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Вашу курку було вбито."

+ "SFUI_WPNHUD_AK47" "АК-47"
+ "Workshop_Preview_X_Offset" "Зміщ. по X"
+ "Workshop_Preview_Y_Offset" "Зміщ. по Y"
+ "Pet_Killed" " Вашу курку було вбито. Вона була вашою %s1 с."


Extended OS Back End Log Changes


Modified file – csgo/bin/client.dylib (+8 B)
Modified file – csgo/bin/server.dylib (+4.01 KB)
Modified file – bin/engine.dylib


Modified file – bin/engine_client.so
Modified file – csgo/bin/client_client.so (-480 B)
Modified file – csgo/bin/server_client.so (+4.03 KB)
Modified file – csgo/bin/server.so (+1.17 KB)


Modified file – bin/engine.dll
Modified file – csgo/bin/client.dll (-512 B)
Modified file – csgo/bin/server.dll (+1.00 KB)