Cargo Ship

A game ready Cargo Ship/Freighter model that has been rigged and supports a numerous amount of passengers.

Project Includes ~

Custom SFXs for the engine.

Spotlights + Lowlights Configured:

Two various types of ship lights have been added.
—— Image Link + Image Link + Image Link

Walk-able Stair Pathway:

The geometry LoD of the ship is designed for the width of a game\’s character model.
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In-Game Video Showcase Example:

Captain\’s 1st Person PoV

Captain\’s Driving PoV (Start Up + Other Engine SFXs)

Third Person Driving PoV (Start Up + Other Engine SFXs)

Engine\’s Exhaust Particles

Animated Captain Door


Poly Count:

  • Points ~ 23842
  • Faces ~ 20965


  • Points ~ 10513
  • Faces ~ 10614