Dune Buggy

A game ready Dune Buggy model that has been rigged and comes in the “American Pride” paintjob.

Project Includes ~

Options for different paint jobs (Separate)

Headlights + Taillights:

The taillights, brake lights, and headlights all have been rigged + configured.
—— Image Link

Destructible Wheels:

The wheels of the car are displayed in two states. In the full wheel display and then in just the rim.
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In-Game Video Showcase Example:

360 Display

Engine Startup SFX in 3rd Person

Driving Showcase 1st Person (Custom SFX + Fully Rigged Wheels)

Driving Showcase 3rd Person (Custom SFX + Fully Rigged Wheels)


Poly Count:

  • Points ~ 22005
  • Faces ~ 20524

Wheel_D (Proxy):

  • Points ~ 6859
  • Faces ~ 3419

Wheel_G (Proxy):

  • Points ~ 6859
  • Faces ~ 3419